About WinnerDog

~ July 2012

Who is WinnerDog?

WinnerDog LOVES to hunt down treasures!  He's a daschund (also known as a"weiner-dog" - hence the name WinnerDog).  Let him tell you about how he rolls ...

"Have you ever noticed how difficult it has become to keep up with all the great products and deals on the internet?  WinnerDog proclaimed, "Overload - enough is enough!  I'm a hound dog so I'm going to do what I do best ... sniff out treasures."  WinnerDog scours the internet looking for his favorites:  Home decor (both indoor AND outdoor of course), health, photography, art, food, free stuff, recipes, FREE stuff and the coolest DIY projects. Anything that makes for a nice warm fuzzy - you just never know what's about to be discovered!  Aroooo!

So follow me as I showcase my favorites.  You never know when they'll be sniffed out.  

{wag wag wag}